Cash Out gives you full control over the bet.
How it works?
Cash Out from LOOT.BET offers the opportunity to get money back on your bet before the match is over, allowing you to get the profit of the winning bet without risks of a reversal game, or to withdraw obviously losing bet.
step-by-step instruction
Make a single bet
In the Betslip select «My bets» (or click on the «My bets» button in your mobile)
Find unsettled bets with the «Cash Out» button
The Cash Out amount is indicated in the bet card where Cash Out option is available
Click on the button (if the betting odds are currently inactive, the button will be gray) and accept.
Cash Out amount Is determined by the current live market odds. The final outcome of the match does not matter. If the request for Cash Out is successful, the bet is calculated instantly and corresponding amount is returned to your account.
Terms of use
  • Cashing Out of live bets is only possible during the match.
  • Cashing Out of Prematch bets is only possible before the start of the match.
  • Cash Out is only available for single bets.
  • The minimum amount of Cash Out cannot be less than the amount of the minimum bet (0.5 EUR).
  • If Cash Out was applied to a bet made using real and bonus funds, then funds from the bet will be credited to the balances proportionally.
  • Cashed out bets do not participate in wagering of any bonuses.
  • The company reserves the right to suspend or change the terms of the promotion at any time or to cancel receipt of Cash Out.
  • Terms of bonuses and Terms & Conditions apply.